Maintaining Excellence in Contamination Prevention

Maintaining Excellence in Contamination Prevention

CropLife International, one of the most authoritative and trusted sources in the plant science and crop protection industry, helps set forth standards of protection, innovation and support for efficiency, safety, sustainability and productivity. 

Organizations in these industries can choose to adapt and adjust their modern agricultural tools, processes and operations to affirm their desire to remain a viable, respected business and to ensure their customers are aligned in best practices. 

CJB has done just that. 

We care about maximizing our customers’ safety and efficiency, and by adhering to the highest industry standards, you can rest assured that your products are being manufactured with excellence and integrity. 

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What is Contamination Prevention?

In the simplest terms, contamination prevention is the process of ensuring only the right products are in your product. This means, but is not limited to, setting and adhering to operational guidelines and processes that take care of dust control, material storage and segregation. 

“Contamination prevention is ensuring only the right products are in your product.”


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A contamination prevention self-assessment allows us to identify areas that can be strengthened to support new technologies and evolving industry standards.


Who Establishes the Standards for Contamination Prevention? 

Industry guidelines for plant science and its various derivatives are set forth by CropLife International. CropLife lists its four organizational values as follows: 

  • We are united by a passion to improve agriculture through engagement and partnerships.
  • We are open to the need for a variety of sustainable agricultural practices & informed discussion on the future of farming.
  • We care about our planet and managing its finite resources intelligently.
  • We are committed to sustainable agriculture and the responsible use of plant science technologies worldwide.

As part of their initiative for farmers and agricultural businesses worldwide, CropLife provides a variety of resources to its members and those in the plant science industry. These resources are updated as new technology and knowledge is ascertained. 

The latest release regarding contamination prevention was provided in June 2021: 

Contamination Prevention in the Manufacture of Crop Protection Products: Self-Assessment Checklist

Browse CropLife International Best Practices and Guidelines


Why and How Does CJB Choose to be CropLife Compliant? 

While compliance is not a requirement, businesses in plant science and agriculture who desire to adhere to the full scope of ethical and responsible operations are electing to turn to this guide as a means of striving to adhere to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. 


Customer Audits: Seeking Reassurance and Peace of Mind

In 2019, CJB was approached by a client requesting a contamination prevention audit. We gladly obliged, and our first course of action was to turn to the CropLife Self-Assessment Checklist and conduct an internal assessment based on these guidelines. 

“Since that initial audit request, we’ve adopted it as a policy to periodically conduct self-assessment analyses and internal audits. This ensures we remain aligned in our policies and procedures and that we not only meet – but exceed – industry standards.”

Sims Turner, CJB Industries 

CJB advocates and pursues moving beyond compliance and into commitment.


How Are the Standards Maintained? 

CJB maintains a 3-step process to ensure our high standards for contamination prevention. 

  • Review the CropLife Contamination Prevention Self-Assessment Checklist

  • Format the Checklist to fit our processes.

  • Use the updated processes to develop and implement our Corrective Action Plan. 

Some of our priority areas receiving acute focus include: 

  • Hose management systems
  • Portable shared equipment tracking
  • Dust control procedures
  • Activity level modifications (segregation and separation, and radiation activity)
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What might that look like from the perspective of a manager, operator or technician? 


We reached out to CJB’s Health, Safety and Environmental Specialist Sedra Beckman to learn more.


“One way in which we’ve taken initiative to ensure our quality control and excellence in contamination prevention policies has simply been beefing up our existing policies,” Sedra states. 


“For instance, in our hose management systems, we’ve updated our policy by adding more layers. These layers include more frequent checks and more sets of eyes on a piece of equipment.” 

Sedra continues, “So now, when an operator or shift manager performs a tagging verification of our hoses, we also have a second or third member perform that same check as part of his or her maintenance rounds.” 


Customers can request audits at any time, and we are pleased to comply. Typically, we receive audit requests from a customer once every 1-2 years. 


To ensure that our standards and policies are properly upheld and we are exceeding compliance guidelines, we perform internal audits by repeating the process of self-assessment, analysis, internal changes implementation. 


“We at CJB are very proactive in our measures of maintaining a clean, healthy, safe environment. Taking ownership of these processes allows us to provide the reassurance and peace of mind to our customers that we are doing what we can to excel in business and to help them do the same.”


Sedra Beckman, CJB Industries


CJB continues to remain at the forefront of the plant science chemical manufacturing industry, and exceeding CropLife standards for contamination prevention is just one way we do so. 


To learn more about our other efficient processes, safety measures, and ways we maintain an excellent customer experience, visit our resource library



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Once you start a business relationship with CJB Industries, you’re going to feel satisfied and reassured that you’re getting what you need. Our team is committed to securing a lasting relationship and bringing you quality results. To speak with an expert, drop us a line or two about your product, and we’ll get back to you shortly. 







Once you start a business relationship with CJB Industries, you’re going to feel satisfied and reassured that you’re getting what you want. Our team is committed to bringing you quality results and securing a lasting partnership. To speak with an expert, drop us a line or two about your product, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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