Preventing Microbial Contamination in Formulations and Packaging 

Preventing Microbial Contamination in Formulations and Packaging

Plant production of suspensions or other water-based products require extra care.  Many formulations are more susceptible to microbial contamination; therefore, strict guidelines must be met consistently throughout the formulation process to maintain sterilization and prevent product loss or damage.


Success requires adherence to the highest standards. To achieve the consistent quality that customers were looking for, a new benchmark for microbial control in formulations and packaging was needed.  


“We found that there are certain formulations which are more susceptible to microbial growth, and that is why we’ve established robust and rigorous sanitization processes to ensure the continuity of product quality across our facility at all times.”


Sims Turner, CJB Industries 


Quality-Based Initiatives Drive Performance  

Preventing microbial contamination in formulations and packaging is an ongoing process. Using results-based initiatives to set standards and drive our performance is the surest way to achieve success. Carefully studying outcomes is the way to find improvements before problems arise.  

Quality-based methods involve three main areas to account for and maintain product consistency: quarterly maintenance and inspections, the implementation of sterilization processes, and maintaining a high standard of excellence in execution to customer requirements. 


Establishing a Robust Sanitization Process 

Implementing Sterilization Processes

The optimum sterilization process involves the use of robust biocides to maintain sanitization. 

  • All hoses, tanks and mills receive a rigorous sterilizing flush treatment. 
  • Water lines into the formulation department either go through UV light, or filtration.
  • Packaging equipment that comes in contact with the product is sanitized on a routine basis.  


Attention to housekeeping is key to preventing contamination as well. 


Kendrick “KG” Golden, an 11-year veteran of CJB Industries, ensures cleanliness and sanitization are maintained not only on his watch, but across all shifts. KG helps ensure everything is tightly controlled throughout the formulation process. 


“Our processes are simple, but extremely important. We use sterilizing agents to clean and sanitize. We keep products free from exposure to the floor, to any openings… we keep our hoses capped. 


We make sure the next shift knows where we are in the sanitization process. 


It’s a repeatable process we follow; like clockwork.”


“Our processes are based on our experiences. We work to ensure our customers don’t experience an issue with microbial contamination,” – KG.

Maintaining a High Standard of Performance Excellence  

Adherence to customers’ requirements and industrial hygiene must be maintained through shift changes.  Proper documentation and training ensure that continuity among shifts and is the key to maintaining quality control and excellence in execution through the entire production and packaging run.  Doing the simple things right, all the time takes preparation, training, and commitment from the entire team. 


Preventing product loss from microbial damage is an important part of product manufacturing and packaging.  We hope that this helps you better understand the key things to look for when you select a toll or contract manufacturer. 


We hope you know that when you entrust CJB Industries for your product formulation you will receive the highest possible standards of cleanliness, sanitization, quality control and excellence in execution. It’s what we put our name behind and it’s what we are proud to claim. 

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